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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this?  Why are you doing this?

There are two key issues with the traditional urinary incontinence aesthetic:

  1. Wearing wet pants is uncomfortable

  2. When the wet mark dries or the garment is washed, the stain is almost always gone for good

Wet Pants Denim was created to produce jeans that solve both of these issues.  As such, we are providing comfort and permanence to a market that is completely overlooked by traditional fashion houses.

Who is your target customer?

Wet Pants Denim is made for everyone; our denim product can be produced in all sizes and styles.  If you are comfortable in your own skin and not afraid to make a bold statement, we have pants for you.

Are there any special wash instructions?

We recommend washing the jeans with cold water and using a combination of low-heat tumble and hang-drying to prevent fading of both the jeans and the stain.

Will you make the jeans with a brown or red stain?

We do not offer a style like this for our jeans, nor do we expect to in the future.

Do you carry any other products?

Wet Pants Denim is currently offering a wide selection of dad hats, with new styles frequently being added.

Is PissCoin a cryptocurrency?

Yes and no; PissCoin is a cryptocurrency in the sense that it has value (in the form of Wet Pants Denim jeans) and is encrypted through the usage of both secure email delivery and the 125-digit token.  Functionally, PissCoin operates like a gift card denoted by product rather than a dollar value.

How did I get here?

We're not too sure - only you can answer that.

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