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The Dad Hat

Love the brand but hate the product? These Dad Hats are for you.


Hats are available in multiple styles with the signature “Wet Look, Dry Feel” logo embroidered at the front.  Adorning the inside of the hat is a hand-sewn logo tag to ensure authenticity; the tag also serves as a nod to the careful design of our hand-made denim product.

Prices Below (Includes Shipping in the U.S.)
International orders will be cancelled
No returns accepted

Wet Pants Denim white hat product photo

Sold Out

Wet Pants Denim stone hat product photo


Wet Pants Denim black hat product photo


Wet Pants Denim royal blue hat product photo

Sold Out

Wet Pants Denim navy blue hat product photo


Wet Pants Denim red hat product photo

Sold Out

Wet Pants Denim PissCoin hat product photo


Wet Pants Denim mantra hat product photo

Wet Look, Dry Feel

Poo Pants Denim hat product photo (sold out)

Poo Pants Denim
Sold Out

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