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Bring Your Own Pants ("BYOP")

We know our pricing isn't possible for everyone, and that you may not need an entirely new pair of jeans.  In an effort to reach a wider customer base and do our part to reduce textile pollution, we're happy to provide our iconic aesthetic on a pair of jeans that you already own, at a fraction of the cost.


Fill out the form below to notify Wet Pants Denim that you're going to be sending pants our way, and we'll provide the mailing address via email.  You pay shipping one way, and we'll cover it the other way.  Expect a turnaround time of five to seven business days following receipt of your jeans.

Payment for BYOP is accepted through PayPal (link below). Under absolutely no circumstances do we accept returns.  Pants will be mailed back to the owner following receipt of payment.

BYOP service is only offered in the contiguous United States. For best results, only light or medium wash blue jeans should be used.

Sold Out

Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Wet Pants Denim and its affiliates, and respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against all claims, liabilities, demands, damages, expenses and losses (including reasonable attorneys fees and expenses) arising out of or connected with any lost or missing product. Terms of this agreement are subject to change.

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